My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up) // Fall Out Boy

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Row 'n' Oak

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Winter Winds || Mumford & Sons

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Kye Kye - Broke (John Thomas Melodic Dubstep Remix) 

Here is another great song from Last Dinosaurs- Honolulu 

I know its been a while but if there is anyone out there that still is listening here is Last Dinosaurs- Andy

listen to if you like: Arctic Monkeys, Said The Whale

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We have our shirts in. We’re super excited for tour! 


We have our shirts in. We’re super excited for tour! 

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Day Dreamer by Wild Child

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I play in a band called Wildlife, we’ll be releasing our acoustic EP for free in about two weeks. If you’d like to help out, go to the facebook and click on that like button, or reblog this!

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fun. - Some Nights



                  In 2009 I, and 100 or so other people, crammed into a small bar in El Paso, Tx. We were there to see what we were hoping was going to be a brilliant performance by HelloGoodBye. Understandably we knew we would have to sit through a few opening acts before we could enjoy the headliner. I usually am optimistic about opening acts; many of my favorite bands I’ve discovered were openers for some of my favorite artists. The third band to perform that night, preceding HelloGoodBye, would introduce themselves as fun. Little did I know that I would be stumbling upon a band that would soon rise to the top of the rock charts and whose stardom would come on so quick that it would leave America’s head spinning. As soon as they began their first song I recognized the singer, he was Nate Ruess. Formerly of the Format I was a big fan but this brand new project he was a part of blew me away. There was an extensive amount of pop-sensible melodies mixed with a slew of: crescendos, sudden stops, and ornaments that you’d swear the music was being orchestrated. I was immediately impressed and excited to see what would become of fun. Three short years later I would find myself fighting for a front row spot to see that very same band. Whom I saw perform in a small club of one-hundred; now perform to a crowd of over 3,000 at the MTV Woodies. It blew my mind how they had crafted their sound so meticulously from one album to the other that they were now one of America’s most popular acts. Now that I’ve discussed where my love for fun began I’d like to talk about the album that has brought fun to the for-front of music.

                Some Nights was released February 21st, 2012. The album would be the second release for fun but the first off their new label; a major label, Fueled By Ramen. Some Nights is a grand work with all the songs working cohesively to push the major theme. Lyrically Nate would make this theme more obvious.  Musically though, the music has matured in a much different direction than I was expecting from fun. Aim and Ignite, their first release, was an amazing orchestra of rock and pop. The dynamics were something that I had not heard in a band in some time; comparably, dare I say, since Queen. I do not in any way want to make it seem that I am comparing the two. But their level of musicianship is something I don’t think you come by often. I cannot recall a time when a rock act walked the line between pop and rock so confidently, they almost mock it. Some Night’s is built at the piano. At the core of almost every song lays a steady piano progression that ultimately shapes both the sound and direction of the song. Here I think we should applaud Andrew Dost; who I would assume is responsible for constructing the basic framework of each song. This foundation is one of the more essential components to fun’s music. It is simple but effective in guiding what would otherwise be dynamic-chaos. Around the piano we find a mix of guitars and synths that ornate the melody beautifully. This is one of my favorite things about Some Nights; their never seems to be too much of anything. Many artists I feel fall to the curse of trying to place too much emphasis on too many things. A song can become monotonous very quickly if a particular medley is overdone. The defining trait of pop music is simplicity. Fun has this down to a science. Whether it’s a triumphant horn section or a shredding guitar solo; Some Nights makes sure that it is never over-heard. The driving force behind the sound of Some Night’s would be the percussion. I say percussion rather than drums because here fun took a different approach on Some Nights. They completely changed the style of drums. Going from a solid rock sound to what can only be described as Brooklyn Hip-Hop; this can be especially heard on the track “One Foot.” They mix live studio drums with highly produced electronic drums and samples. This can be accredited to both the bands fondness for the Kanye West album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the fact that the band hails from Brooklyn. I understand that Nate is originally from Arizona but it should be understood that he has now lived in Brooklyn for a number of years and so is more than likely deeply influenced by it. Ultimately though, the percussion sounds like it does because Jeff Bhasker co-producer for Kanye West was the producer for Some Nights. This is something that people seem to forget. The producer, when recording, is more pivotal than any member of the band. Their hand is in every part of the album and so their influence affects the overall sound of the album. Musically Some Night’s is well crafted. In some parts I do feel it lacks the variety that I loved in Aim and Ignite but I’m not here to remain nostalgic on a past work. Fun has grown and I’m here to praise this growth. It’s this growth that I believe gives today’s music its color.

Some Nights open’s with a soft ballad; an ode to psychoses. This is the reoccurring theme in Some Night’s. Throughout the whole album Nate seems to be consumed in who he is and who he will become. Dost explicitly said in an interview that Some Night’s is not a concept album; but in the very same interview he did point out that Nate had the title selected for the album well before the songs were written. The fact that this was a constant in Nates’ mind while writing means that it has become an accidental concept album; developing a central theme. Throughout the album Nate seems to fight with ideas of religion, death and love; but more importantly where he fits within those ideas. I don’t think it would be rude of me to say that Nate comes off as a little self-absorbed in this album but there is a bigger motive behind this. What Nate was seemingly trying to accomplish is connect with the listeners with universal themes from his perspective. It’s easier to write about these themes from a first person account. The genius is while we understand what Nate is facing; we’re left to question who we are in those very same places. If you listen to any song you can quickly pick up on what it’s about. This is deliberate in the way Nate writes. He is a story teller and while his lyrics are sprinkled with allusion and metaphor, nothing is left too vague. The best example of this is “All Alone” which is filled with inanimate comparisons of two people; an obvious grip on a past relationship. It is: bitter, intrusive, and apologetic. Nate seems to look within himself to place the blame for how he is; just as much as he looks to the other to place just as much blame. This new person doesn’t seem to fill the void with lines like “She’s a lot like you/ But when I hold her too tight, I know she’ll break/ She just takes some glue to stay/ and I feel so all alone…” Nate fills us in on what’s happening and lets the story itself describe the conflicts he’s facing; but he uses a wonderful medley of metaphors to drive his point home. There are many more songs that I feel lyrically are quite an accomplishment. Nate is a talented writer and he did not fall short on Some Night’s. My absolute favorite line on the album comes from the title song Some Nights and it says “My Heart’s breaking for my sister in the con that she called ‘love’/ But when I look into my nephew’s eyes/ man you wouldn’t believe the most amazing things that can come from/ some terrible nights” This line I believe sums up the overall emotion of the album; which is optimism. Nate faces some dark places and it’s assumed there were some trying times for him but in the end he finds the light, in his: music, passion, and life.

I have this profound belief that every great artist can sense when they are the cusp of something great. Whether they realize it or not it finds its way into their art. In the song Some Night’s I feel they allude to the success to come. “Some nights I wish this all would end.” “So this is it? I sold my soul for this?” He seems to be coming to grips with his success as an artist and writer. Regardless throughout the same song he hints that this is what he wants and he’s sure. “Come one boys this is war” “…save that for the black and white/ I try twice as hard and I’m half as liked.” The whole song seems to be praising the hard work that they’ve put it in as musicians and artists before they’ve had a chance to see real success; but that just may be the point. The greatest mark of success was already given to them; they triumphed over obstacles to finish their work. Some Nights is about optimism and couldn’t come at a more fitting time. People could use a beacon of light; a guiding force through troubled waters. Fun has orchestrated a great symphony of music that will enthrall you both melodically and rhythmically. Then diving even deeper they fill it with meaningful words that connect us all. This album is more than a slew of potential pop hits. It is a real work of art from a group that I’m sure is not going anywhere any time soon. Fun has found their way to the masses and they’re here to stay. 

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I’m jamming, Jerry. I’m jamming. 

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Houdini || Foster The People

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